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  • Swing down to hit up? Create backspin? What is going on?

    I was watching the Golf Channel this morning while starting my day and Fred McGriff was on the show. They have baseball players on from time to time – especially as the start baseball season nears. So they have a brief little segment about the baseball swing where McGriff was tasked with teaching one of […]
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  • Should there be HEAD MOVEMENT in the swing?

    Well… should there? This video is about more than just head movement. It is about doing better as a baseball community (and softball community!) at learning, sharing and helping hitters get better. I get upset when I get emails from people saying, “My coach says I can’t do this” or “Coach says this is wrong” […]
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  • Don’t Spend Your Career Trying To Hit Grounders to Second Base!

    Don't Hit Grounders to 2B
    I was recently inspired to create this little rant video (video below) after some Tweets the other day. (Give Troy a follow!) Typical hitting guy: "Needs 2 fix the leg kick b/c it will cause future problems." Me: "He's 8, he needs 2 have fun!"— Troy Silva (@TroyPSilva) March 23, 2015 @TroyPSilva leg kick will […]
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  • #MySwing Episode 010 – Jacob from Alabama

    For today’s #MySwing analysis we break down out Jacob from Alabama. Jacob is a young hitter who idolizes fellow Alabama native Josh Donaldson so who better to compare him to! Check out the video below. If you want to submit your swing for a #MySwing Analysis, click here! I also offer an Online Instruction Program […]
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  • New Product: Movement Patterns & Swing Sequence Video Series

    I filmed some video content back in the summer of 2013 about movement patterns and the swing sequence. After filming, I reviewed the video and wasn’t thrilled with the quality of the video so I didn’t release it. I had filmed late at night in the middle of the summer so the lighting wasn’t great […]
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  • Step Open, Swing Forward Drill

    Step Open, Swing Forward Featured
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  • Do You Have 25 Minutes to Learn About the Swing?

    Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 1.16.49 PM
    I had an awesome chat with some college coaches last night who had viewed this video on a bus trip and got in touch with me to talk swing. The talk was very refreshing for me. In a lot of ways, I’m trying to do a better job of coaching coaches and for some D1 […]
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  • #MySwing Episode 009 – James from MA

    For today’s #MySwing analysis we have a high school player named James from Massachusetts. James has some typical swing errors and his swing is a great visual for some swing qualities I typically see. Check it out below! If you want to submit your swing for a #MySwing Analysis, click here! I also offer an […]
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