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  • 5K Twitter Followers Special Sale

    I got active on Twitter about 6 months ago to try to find like-minded people and to share information about the swing. It has turned out to be an amazing decision as I’ve met some awesome people and have been able to get info out to a bigger audience. I truly appreciate the opportunity to […]
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  • What is the difference between Liner, Rotational and “Elite” Swing Mechanics

    People most often confuse what I talk about the swing with rotational swing mechanics. I don’t truly understand this misconception other than people not understanding there is an entirely different way to swing that is neither linear nor rotational. I made this video to provide a visual representation of the different swing patterns. I want […]
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  • [New Program] Elite Hitting System

    Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.29.55 AM
    The video below is a quick intro video to a new program I’m developing. This program is called the Elite Hitting System. There will be version of this program designed for individuals, professional players, travel program and facilities.
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  • What is wrong with Robinson Cano?

    Robinson Cano has been struggling so far in 2015. As the year moves along, more and more people are starting to pick up on this so I wanted to take a look at his swing and discuss what I see happening. Whenever a player is struggling, I feel it is important to consider what else […]
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  • What Happens In Vegas…

    Two of the biggest prospects to arrive at the big league level this year are Las Vegas products Kris Bryant and Joey Gallo. These two players possess big, powerful bats that have the Cubs and Rangers fans excited about potential souvenirs for years to come. Both players are 6’5″, play third base and average more […]
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  • We Are Chasing Long-Term PROCESS (Not Short-Term Success)

    Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 7.56.53 PM
    I was going through some clips today for some analysis and came across some old video of Chris Colabello. Chris has been taking it one day at a time with the Toronto Blue Jays for the last month or so. Every day, I text him "#process" and he usually replies with the same. Every day. [...]
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  • 7 Ways to Deal with Failure as a Hitter

    Tonight, we are hosting an event with Steve Springer at my facility, A.B. Athletic Development. (Event details here.) I wanted to write a post about failure because I know it is part of Steve’s talk and it is a huge part of baseball and softball. I recently did a survey of youth baseball and softball […]
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  • Huge Player Development Giveaway Winner

    We recently completed our huge player development giveaway with some great companies and coaches involved! I’m very excited to announce our winner is Baseball Brains. Now what is this?? Baseball Brains is a website ( run by a group of coaches and they entered the giveaway with the hopes of continuing their education. I’m happy […]
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