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  • Albert Pujols Cage Swings from 2015 Home Run Derby

    IMG_5285 20
    One of the coolest parts of the whole Derby experience for me was being around the batting cage that is just a short hallway away from the clubhouse. A clip I’ve studied a ton over the years is a clip of Pujols in the cage from a previous Derby. I don’t even know what year […]
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  • Elite Swing Mechanics Book Offer Inspired by Home Run Derby Experience

    It still hasn’t sunk in that I was able to throw to Josh Donaldson in the Home Run Derby. Just surreal. I was in the locker room surrounded by players I study and try to learn from. I got to tell Albery Pujols how much his swing has meant to my life and career. The […]
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  • MLB Home Run Derby Promotion

    If you didn’t already, I’m pitching to Josh Donaldson in the MLB Home Run Derby tonight. It is an amazing opportunity and my experience in Cincinatti has already become surreal. For more on the story about my relationship to Josh, please check out this article from John Lott of the National Post. Everybody has been […]
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  • Elite Hitting System – First Invitations Sending Today

    I’ve been talking about my new Elite Hitting System for a couple weeks now and I’m excited to finally open this program up to the first group of hitters. I’ve made a couple videos to talk about why I’ve created this program. The first video is a shorter video and the second video is much […]
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  • 5K Twitter Followers Special Sale

    I got active on Twitter about 6 months ago to try to find like-minded people and to share information about the swing. It has turned out to be an amazing decision as I’ve met some awesome people and have been able to get info out to a bigger audience. I truly appreciate the opportunity to […]
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  • What is the difference between Liner, Rotational and “Elite” Swing Mechanics

    People most often confuse what I talk about the swing with rotational swing mechanics. I don’t truly understand this misconception other than people not understanding there is an entirely different way to swing that is neither linear nor rotational. I made this video to provide a visual representation of the different swing patterns. I want […]
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  • [New Program] Elite Hitting System

    Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.29.55 AM
    The video below is a quick intro video to a new program I’m developing. This program is called the Elite Hitting System. There will be version of this program designed for individuals, professional players, travel program and facilities.
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  • What is wrong with Robinson Cano?

    Robinson Cano has been struggling so far in 2015. As the year moves along, more and more people are starting to pick up on this so I wanted to take a look at his swing and discuss what I see happening. Whenever a player is struggling, I feel it is important to consider what else […]
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