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  • John Harrington – April 18, 2015

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  • MLB Analysis: Dee Gordon

    Gordon Featured
    This analysis comes at the request of Strength & Conditioning expert Eric Cressey. If you aren’t familiar with Eric, please get on his website and sign up for his email newsletter. You can do that here: One thing we know for sure about Dee Gordon is that he is FAST. How fast? Fast enough […]
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  • Podcast: Whistle and a Clipboard

    I was recently invited to do a podcast with Jason Oats who produces Whistle and a Clipboard. I invite you to check it out! We talk a lot about coaching and hitting. Also, I’m getting ready to release a Youth Hitting Book that I discussed in this podcast. If you are interested in getting notified when this […]
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  • Zepp Featured Video – Attack Angle

    This video talks about attack angle in the swing. It is important to understand attack angle to understand HOW and WHY you are hitting the ball! You can use the Zepp 3D Swing Sensor to measure you attack angle and I have a special promotion going to get my Elite Swing Mechanics Book for FREE [...]
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  • Dustin Pedroia Autographed Ball Winner!

    Happy Opening Day! Today I’m excited to announce the winner of the Dustin Pedroia autographed baseball. When I contacted the winner, I was absolutely thrilled with the email I got back. If there is such a thing, I think the “right” person won this! Here’s the email I received from the winner, Ben L. from […]
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  • Javier Baez – What is wrong with his swing?

    Today we look at one of most intruiging prospects in baseball – Javier Baez. Baez has truly elite power but has shown some trouble with striking out and putting the ball in play. He was recently sent down to AAA to start the season after struggling this spring. I know Cubs fans want him to […]
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  • #MySwing Episode 011 – Joshua from Michigan

    For today’s #MySwing analysis we take a look at 11 year old Joshua, a young player from Michigan who loves baseball! Joshua has some very typical actions for a prepubescent male hitter. You will very commonly see these actions from young softball hitters as well. Take a look at the analysis below! If you want […]
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  • Swing down to hit up? Create backspin? What is going on?

    I was watching the Golf Channel this morning while starting my day and Fred McGriff was on the show. They have baseball players on from time to time – especially as the start baseball season nears. So they have a brief little segment about the baseball swing where McGriff was tasked with teaching one of […]
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