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  • 2,000 Twitter Follower Giveaway Winner!

    TH Book Video combo
    Congrats to Shawn Rasco from Grafton, MA who was the winner of Elite Swing Mechanics Book giveaway! Shawn is a parent and baseball coach in Upton, MA. Congrats to Shawn! Please keep your eye out for more giveaways – especially on Twitter and Facebook! Follow @TewksHitting
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  • #MySwing 005 – Cami from Nebraska (Softball)

    I’m very excited to have our first softball hitter for today’s MySwing. Cami is a 12 yr old from Nebraska who is a natural righty who has been a slap hitter, but is transitioning into a “normal” hitter again from the left side. She has some obvious athleticism and I think the video comparisons in […]
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  • #MySwing Episode 004 – Mark from Illinois

    Today’s #MySwing hitter has a lot of good actions with his swing, but doesn’t quite time them up. This is a very common issue for hitters who begin trying to learn the Elite Swing Pattern from my Elite Swing Mechanics Book because they are so used to achieve a static loaded position. Please check out […]
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  • #MySwing Episode 003 – Bradley from CA

    #MySwing Episode 003 - Bradley from CA
    This episode of #MySwing features a hitter from California named Bradley. This young lefty has some interesting lower body actions and can see some improvements from some better timing with his load. Recommended drills for Bradley: Rear Heel Down Drill – Don’t let the rear heel come up at all during the swing Medicine Ball […]
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  • #MySwing Episode 002 – Sammy from Texas

    Thank you to Sammy and his dad Bryan for sending in their swing from Texas!  As mentioned in the first #MySwing video analysis, there is a “lack of resistance” seen with Sammy. His cause is much different though. His swing is very common for youth baseball and softball players who tend to be overly flexible with limited […]
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  • #MySwing Episode 001 – Quentin

    #MySwing Episode 1
    A huge thanks to Quentin who was the first brave soul to send in his video. I hope this video is helpful to both Quentin and everybody who watches. The “lack of resistance” seen and described in the video is extremely common. Please feel free to ask questions below and I’ll respond as much as […]
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  • Pablo Sandoval – FB vs CH Homers

    With Pablo Sandoval coming to Red Sox Nation next year, more hitters who come to my facility have been asking to see his swing. In addition, as we work in to the off-season hitting programs we’ve started working on pitch recognition drills. In searching for clips of Sandoval, I found a clip of the man […]
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  • 8 Steps to Having Better At Bats Today

    Chris Colabello
    Where I live, the high school season still less than halfway over. As players are finishing into their first 8-10 games, there is always a wide range of success and failure. The players I hear the most from are players who are struggling more then they want or expected. Some players just need at bats […]
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Ebook (1) Get free access to one of’s most popular post ever where Bobby shares seven lessons that can help you starting having better batting practice right now.

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