1. dominik keul says

    does it mean that the kid is getting his Barrel back while the Hands already go Forward while papis Hands are still going back as he gets the Barrel back?

      • says

        Do me a quick favor and prove to me that you control the email associated with this account. Respond to the email. If you got the email, you wouldn’t have asked those questions.

  2. says

    “Sarah” —

    As stated on page 4 of the eBook:
    “If you are found to be sharing login information, I will disable your account with no refund.”

    Multiple people from multiple screen names from this IP address are posting comments. If you do not call as instructed, your account will be disabled with no refund.

    I have attempted to contact you multiple times to verify your account activity and status. This is the final warning on this matter. If you do not call, your access to this website and any future updates will be canceled.