1. Loren Clifton says

    This is wonderful. In my own words, body at work, hands calm until the “right” time will “force” / produce quickness. As has been said, “Time the ball.” Has produced some nice results for my hitters.
    Thanks Bobby.

  2. MBH400 says

    Wow, what a good guy JD is. So cool to get into his hitting mind a little. Love the ground up thought. Thanks Tewks.
    BTW: what software are you using to produce the high quality gifs?

    • says

      I’m putting together a tutorial for making GIFs soon. I’m on a Mac… It’s a combo of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 programs depending on the specific file.

  3. bill smith says

    Could you explain a little bit more what you think JD means when he talks about delaying the bat angle on velocity adjustments below.

    JD: Sometimes just sitting on breaking ball and starting later, but I think the most important part is the separation or leaving your hands and being able to delay your bat angle and landing into a bent front leg.

    Thanks, I really enjoyed this article.